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SC Lami Computers Botosani - Tuner TV
   Descarca oferta xls
   Produse Second Hand
   MP3/MP4 player
   Navigator Auto
Componente PC
   Placa de baza
   Placa video
   Hard disk
   Unitate optica
   Placa de sunet
   TV Tuner
   Card reader
   Joystick, volan
   Casti cu microfon
Foto Video
   Camere foto
   Flash disk
   Flash card
   Video proiector

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TV Tuner
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Analog TV/FM Tuner, IR Remote, PCI, FM / Analog TV / A/V inputs, A/V Adapter, Power Cinema bundled (Analog TV Watching/Recording, FM Listening/Recording, DVD/VCD Playback/Burning)
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

ASUS MyCinema-US1-100
My Cinema-US1-100 Analog TV & FM receiver (Analog with remote control)
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

Mini Digital TV BOX (DVB-T , no analog TV, emote control) EEEPC compatible
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

ASUS MyCinema-P7131H
Digital/Analog TV/FM Tuner, DVB-T + PAL (Hybrid), Philips 7131 & TUNER, IR Remote, PCI, Analog TV Watching & Recording/ TV channels previewing, Schedule recording / Time-shifting supporting, Stereo TV / Stereo FM receiving / FM Listening & Recording, DVD/VCD Playing / Video & Pictures Sorting, Music Listening / Video Editing / VCD & DVD Burning
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

My Cinema-PS3-100, 3 in 1 TV tuner card, (DVB-T/DVB-S & Analog, with remote control), Watching/Recording TV, Listening/Recording FM radio, Listening MP3, Video editing and CD burning
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

Digital/Analog TV - DVB-T Channel Decoder DiBcom - TV-Tuner Microtune - Watch digital TV programs on PC and Notebook ; USB2.0
Pret: 0 LEI Garantie: 24 luni

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